Roll the dice to move one of your pieces.

One square can only have one piece on it at a time.

You cannot move your piece to a square already occupied by one of your own pieces.

Pieces can jump over other pieces.

Pieces can swap places with your opponents piece if you land on its square.

Pieces cannot be swapped if they are next to a piece that is the same as them or two in a row. A row of three or more of the same pieces together can form a blockade. This cannot be jumped or swapped by an opponent but you can jump over your own blockade.

You must make a move if it is possible.

If no move is possible, you pass your turn.

The first player to get all their pieces off the board wins.

Special Squares

You must land on Square 26, the House of Happiness in order to progress further.

Square 27 is the House of Water. Landing on this square sends the piece back to Square 15 if they do not roll a 4, the House of Life.

Pieces can leave the board from Squares 26 (House of Happiness}, Square 28 (three ba-birds), Square 29 (two men), and Square 30 (House of Ra-Horakhty) if the correct number of spaces is thrown.